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Os nossos clássicos

Poças Port wines are renowned for being elegant, agreeable, slightly dry and even "too perfect". This makes them particularly suited for wine and food lovers who enjoy the range of rich experiences they offer.

The privileged location of the vineyards, meticulous winemaking and, especially, ageing in wood, produce a range of Ports in which those bearing an Indication of Age and Colheita stand out to form the image of the Poças brand. Ruby, LBV and Vintage Ports, produced solely from grapes grown on Poças quintas, have earned a reputation for quality as demonstrated by the many prizes with which they have been distinguished.


Contemporary harmonies

Grapes grown in the Douro terroir contain high levels of tannins and sugar, ideal for producing superior quality table wines. However, this winemaking potential was overlooked for years as priority was given to Port.

Poças was a pioneer in recognizing the region's aptitude for producing good table wines as Jorge Pintão joined the firm's winemaking team. His oenological experience in Bordeaux and the Medoc was the key that led him to launch the first Coroa d'Ouro red wine in 1990. This wine was such a resounding success that the firm soon began to expand its range of quality Douro table wines.

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