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In the hills of soave the vine-grower, Gino Magnabosco, together with his family, carry on this very passion that
traditions have handed down.
Intense scent, dry taste and fresh are characteristics of Monte Tondo's wines that are difficult to forget.
Magnabosco family is attentive to any new improvement in grape-producing technology of soave and valpolicella,
in order to guarantee wine of the best quality at all times to represent the area in which it is produced.

The cultivation of the vines, in trellis-work or in guyot style, allow the grapes, mainly garganega of
soave, to grow to their best advantage, and, thanks to the volcanic soil typical of the zone, features of the white
grapes are consequently intensified.

The fruit is chosen carefully and only the best is selected to make the vineyard’s most prestigious wines.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items