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Two ships, one and two waters. Simple and located in the part of the city, the hill of Hornillos, with albariza hectares of land and palomino grape. Clean and direct breeze from the Guadalquivir to work together in the field and our winemaker, Ramiro Ibañez, facilitates the production work boots both oxidative and biological. 700 boots (200 Oxidative and 500 biological), the winery and bottling up our humble wineries.


Control the entire production process allows wines very marked by our style. simple and pure wines. "Just look they like, they do have a good time," says Paco Blanco. "There is a wine for every moment, or rather for a good time. Under own production have all from the palomino grape range, complete with the PX that we mold in our facilities. "He adds. They deserve special mention the Manzanilla Pasada, the Palo Cortao, the founding Amontillado or boot, Blanquito, that brings such good memories.


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