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Established in 1984 in San Javier (Murcia), and now run by the second generation, Enológica La Bohemia is a family owned distribution company of quality wines,  being one of the the most representative of the Region of Murcia.

Our company distribute, import and export, and maintains a constant search management and value of the wines, retain their essence and have something to transmit, making wine culture reach all pockets, from an economic product to a great among greats, but always keeping the basics of honesty and guarantee product quality / price to the customer, knowing firsthand all processors, from the smallest winemaker, to the big winery if they respect wine purity and controlling all the way and product management from origin to the customer to ensure this.

As a distributor, Enológica Bohemia represents exclusively in Murcia and Alicante southern limit , more than 50 wineries, having in portfolio some of the most renowned national and global levels, set in over 50 appellations of origin and PGI's. Also represent Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Canned Veggies of the highest quality.

Enológica La Bohemia has its own facilities raised from the base of sustainability  Polaris World Industrial Park, Balsicas (Murcia), where sales personnel moves door to door to commercial attention in Spanish, English, German, Polish and Russian language to a broad portfolio of national and international clients, among which are the names of the most recognized HORECA and ON TRADE professionals in our area .. our logistics warehouse has the products kept at constant temperature and humidity storage conditions and a fleet of own vehicles making the delivery of orders within 12-24 hours in our provincial hinterland, and the rest comes with transport subcontractors within 24-48 hours for National area and 2-5 working days for EU. For an exact quote of transport for large quantities, even foreign destination, contact us.

Regardless of the above, in our facilities we have a retail area and wine tasting area we intend to be a meeting point and reference for wine lovers in our area.

Since the end of 2008, the Polaris World NEW FACILITIES Industrial Park are already built and equipped with all means of conservation required by wine, totally renewed fleet moving from traditional drink racks trucks to modern vans adapted, the company acquires regional dimension . Import is still performed, but now wines, and also there are small items of export.

Throughout our company history, there is something permanent that has marked the time line of our company, and consequently, our family:

Working every day to keep always giving the best product and service to our customers.