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HERRERO CELLAR, family project

The base of the brothers Herrero Vedel has the idea that the wine world is a big family. Wine growers, suppliers, processors and customers form a circle / circuit perfectly defined without which the magic of wine would not be possible. Herrero Great Family Winery begins in the field, healthy, hardworking people who love and enjoy his vineyard; once in the winery the grapes need processing; art machinery, quality of treatment and expertise in the preparation they put the Herrero brothers; the selection of the best musts, control in fermentation broths and the pursuit of excellence in the organoleptic allow us to offer a range of high quality wines. Who is our customer? Any person who enjoys life, his leisure time, friends and family. To accompany those moments with a glass of wine, a wine that helps to enhance and strengthen the warmth of each occasion. The world of wine is ancestral tradition, is family. Our wines are made with the express desire to be consumed in company, enjoying a pleasant moment enjoying good conversation, enjoying the warmth that makes us happier.

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