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If we had to tell the story subjectively when Avan begins, we could trace back centuries but, objectively, that begins in 1992, when Juan Manuel began studying enology in Madrid. Since little was clear that his life would revolve around the vineyard and wine. His mother's family had several generations devoted to it; love and respect they had instilled in everything around the vine, it wanted to expand with sufficient technical knowledge to exploit the family vineyard and move from that grape that led to the cooperative where it was mixed with grapes from different fathers and mothers, to work it in solitude and extracting everything positive from it. In 1996 the family vineyard restructuring and he took care of it. Left part of the old vines and planting others the pluck young vineyard. As he did not hesitate was to preserve that small plot where the grandfather told him that he took the sticks to the quills and grafting the vineyard he planted, the vineyard that said he had resisted phylloxera and who do not know how many years could have , that land which had been the mother and father of the vineyard that he planted, should be now to reproduce our material and plant the young vineyard. Still retained the same clone in his vineyard, all ink the country, adapted to the climate of the Ribera del Duero. After working six years think that to have a unique and distinct clone to others is a hallmark of its wines. In 2000 the young vines are ready to give their first harvest and so in October of that year the first crop born will become Avan. With this harvest, 8500 bottles were produced in total. Today, Bodegas Juan Manuel Burgos have a vineyard of 30 hectares and produce about 75,000 bottles a year.

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    Produced from vines between 10 and 20 years old in sandy limestone and clay soil at an average altitude of 900 meters and a yield of 3,000 kg / ha, located in Fuentelcésped, Ribera del Duero. Grapes selected by hand, using sorting tables and vibration. The maceration process takes place in stainless steel Vats, and then is aged for three months in French... Produced from vines between 10 and 20...

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    Intense cherry red, opaque, purple edge shows us its great youth and great capacity for aging wine. The nose is cheerful and fun. A set aroma predominated by red fruits in the first part and with black plums and violet flowers background. Very intense and persistent aroma. The palate is tasty as a ripe fruit and refreshing with a great balance. Intense cherry red, opaque, purple...

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    Cherry red opaque colour. Nose imagine the soil, clay, earthy, the smell of summer on a stormy afternoon, accompanied by spices, pepper, cloves and with a fine and delicate long finish. Brute force mouth at first and then become silky and persistent. Again the clay with tannins largest granulometry. The whole is balanced and fresh. Cherry red opaque colour. Nose...

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    It shows the complexity of the years of strains. A wine to taste, expect new aromas that come as time passes. Fruits, minerals, spices and something that makes it unique. The palate is everything a great wine has: power and silkiness. Elegance with power, the plus and minus, yin and yang, the conjunction, perfection. It shows the complexity of the years...

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