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A little world of steep slopes and the essence of all that’s Mediterranean  The land, broken up into tiny shards of slate is steep and arid. Winds carry with them aromas of Mediterranean forest floor. In the distance, the ever present cliff-face of the Montsant Mountain Range stands tall. The Siurana River and its affluents meander around villages and ravines, beside steeply sloping traditional vineyards which have been laboured over for centuries. We are a brave, little land, intense, enclosed. And today, we face the world with renewed vitality. Located in the south of Catalonia, Priorat County is a little land of contours and rural essence. A mountainous area, close to the coast, made up of valleys and mountain slopes where farming, perseverant and patient, has sculpted the character of the place. To define Priorat would be to speak of hard work and silence. In recent years the grape growing of this region has seen a revival and the region once again remembers its past splendor, directly linked to the dominance of the former Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei.

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