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The Finca Losada Vinos project began with small pieces of old abandoned vineyard Mencia had to recover and to value. And they found a set of old vines of great quality. After years of using herbicides they returned to tilling the soil and recover strains that were about to disappear, making its cultivation in a sustainable plantation and enharmony with their environment. Today the vineyard consists of 22 parcels including vineyards as emblematic as La Bienquerida, planted in 1906, or The Cepón, with a single red clay soil they found. The result of these vineyards produce wines La Bienquerida and Altos de Losada. The aim of the project is to recover Losada old vines of Mencia for elegant wines with personality. To be governed in this single grape and a development that seeks to highlight the differentiation of terroir, Losada Vinos de Finca are internationally recognized with its own and different from the rest of the wines of Bierzo style. So we research and advisory agreements with major referral centers in viticulture that allow us to maintain a philosophy of continuous improvement vineyard.

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